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Credit Union Innovation Success Study—Year 3

For the last two years, Filene has partnered with Illuminas, formerly Rockbridge Associates, on the Credit Union Innovation Success Study. This study was based on methodology developed in the American Innovation Index (TM) (Aii) initiative and was designed to provide insights and learning to further organizational and social innovativeness, drivers of customer loyalty, and positive financial returns.

The Opportunity

In addition to uncovering what innovation means to credit union members across the industry, this is also a chance to learn what innovation means to YOUR members.

For credit unions who are Filene members, participation is FREE and includes:

  • 12-15 minute Innovation Survey (up to 300 member responses) designed by Filene and Illuminas, fielded by your credit union team
  • Personalized survey results (3-slide PowerPoint)
  • Raw data of completed responses
  • Data tables with gender/age data cuts (base size permitting)

Sign up today if you're interested—regardless if this is your first or third year participating! 

Registration deadline is May 1st, 2024! 

Results from Year 1 and Year 2 of the Credit Union Innovation Study

Credit Union Innovation: The Member Perspective


In today’s marketplace, satisfying consumer needs is not sufficient for service providers, including credit unions, to survive and grow. They must innovate. This study highlights the importance of business and social innovativeness among members.

Creating an Innovation Strategy that Drives Differentiation and Member Loyalty


This marks the second year of the Credit Union Innovation Success Study. It is part of a broader six-year effort—the American Innovation Index™—that measures innovation in the US economy by quantifying the experiences of the customers from over 200 brands.

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