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Maureen McCrone

Engagement Manager at Filene Research Institute

Maureen joins Filene to fill an integral role in developing and maintaining member relationships to support Filene’s vision of changing lives through innovation, truth and cooperation.

A credit union member since the day she was born, Maureen brings her passion for cooperative finance and more than ten years of experience working in financial services to Filene. She started her career as a Personal Banker where she saw first-hand the true value of meaningful connections. She then moved into a role as the Director of Client Relations at McKinley Financial Group before joining Wells Fargo Private Bank as Vice President of Treasury Management across Southern California and Nevada. She is excited to align this vast experience with a mission driven organization.

Maureen values relationships and is most excited to be that go-to trusted advisor to provide concierge relationship management for Filene members and strategic partners.

Don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you. In addition to being a volunteer in her community, she is also a karaoke rockstar and is passionate about the study of social neuroscience. Specifically, the social, cognitive and neural components of human functions related to altruism.