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Your Intro to Our New Website

Welcome to our new website! Before you take a look around there is one simple task ahead of you:

If you are a Filene member and you are visiting our new website for the first time you need to reset your password. Once your password has been reset, you won't have to reset it again. Just sign in as usual and get your unlimited access to Filene’s research reports and impactful ideas and solutions.

Reset your password here.

Filene’s Top 5 Website Updates:

Now, to the good stuff. Read about the Top 5 Website updates that you have waiting at your fingertips.

1. Search

We heard you loud and clear. With nearly 500 research reports, we are excited to make it easier and faster than ever to find what you are looking for on our website. The search bar is big and bold on the home page, follows you through the website (simply look above), and even gives you filtering options so you can easily find research based on topics relevant to you. Search away!

2. What’s new from Filene and how it applies to your work

With so much to share and so many exciting things going on at Filene it is no wonder that sometimes we can feel overwhelming. Our new and improved home page will offer a big picture view of the latest and greatest coming out of Filene while helping you easily navigate to what you need to find. You’ll be able to see the latest research, upcoming events, most popular pages, and insights from Fileners simply by scrolling down the home page.

3. Executive Summary and “Wildcards”

As members, you have access to Filene’s entire research collection. We get that you don’t have time to read every one, but we want you to more easily get a taste of what it’s about. Our new website will give you access to the executive summary and other easily-digested parts of the research in entirety before you download the full report. Once you are logged in to the Filene website under your account, the research report page will make sure you comprehend which research report can meet your needs. Saving you time and invaluable computer storage space.

4. Question?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. At the bottom of every page is an easy to use question form. Simply click on the question mark and a contact us box will expand so you can ask a question without having to leave the page you are on. Not getting the answer to your question from a research report? Ask us. Trying to renew your membership? Ask us. Interested in testing an innovative pilot program? Just ask us.

5. Navigation

How does Filene’s research and programs relate to you and the issues your credit union is facing? The new website will quickly connect you with the best insights and ideas. Our new navigation will show you how to dive into research on key topic areas and invite you to connect with the brightest and most creative people in the credit union industry. So let’s get going to learn something, do something and be part of something together!