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Report #541 | Members

Innovation Matters

To remain competitive and grow market share, credit unions must find solutions through reassessing their business innovation models. This report demonstrates an approach to thinking and rethinking the credit union business model building blocks in order to drive future growth.
Report #592 | Members

Executing Your Credit Union's Analytics Strategy

With the rise of data-driven organizations in the financial services industry, it is essential for credit unions to accelerate value creation through the use of analytics. However, the lack of skilled analytical employees represents the most significant implementation challenge faced by organizations across industries.

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Report #463 | | From the Archives Members

Formalizing the Art of Board Composition

  • Matt Fullbrook

A board of directors can make or break the success of a credit union. Yet credit unions sometimes find board governance lacking or inadequate for meeting their challenges. This report provides research-based recommendations for improving board composition, including formalizing recruitment and evaluation to help credit unions leverage more from their boards of directors.

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