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HerMoney and Filene are offering qualifying Filene Members a new benefit to deepen member engagement through go-to-market ready content.

Consumers need support from credit unions, and credit unions are asking for digital and social content, tools, and programs to help make a difference in their members' lives now more than ever as wealth disparities continue to accelerate.

As the premier research arm for the industry, we study financial well-being. We have an entire Center of Excellence focused on consumer financial lives in transition built around this topic. It is in all of our missions to improve consumer financial well-being!

We know that everyone should have the opportunity to thrive financially, so HerMoney and Filene are coming together to give credit unions tangible tools to deepen engagement and improve members' financial well-being.

What You’ll Get

For qualifying Filene Members, this new benefit to deepen member engagement through go-to-market-ready content is now at your fingertips. Here's what you'll get through this new member benefit:

  • 44 social media posts and videos ready for your logo
  • 4 white-labeled articles for your website
  • Best practices by social media platform
  • All of this, delivered in one package on a monthly basis for your use. 

If you have any immediate questions, please contact [email protected].

HerMoney + Jean Chatzky

HerMoney makes one of the country’s leading taboos accessible, educational and fun, because they understand people and know how to meet them where they are. HerMoney puts the personal in finance in the timeless and timely content they create so that people can connect, learn and take action with confidence.

Ask their more than 550,000 followers on social media, the listeners who download their podcast 250,000x a month, their 2M+ annual web users, or their 100,000 newsletter subscribers and they’ll tell you that HerMoney is changing people’s relationships with money. Their content strategy is led by Jean Chatzky, former financial editor of NBC’s TODAY Show, bestselling author, award-winning personal finance journalist and advisor to major media companies & financial firms.