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America's Housing Journey

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, please read more on the storymap page on how credit unions can better serve their communities through improving access to housing.
Report #601 | Members

Five Lessons for Creating a Housing Impact Fund

As mission-driven financial services providers deeply embedded in the communities they serve, credit unions are well-positioned to be key players in building partnerships and developing creative solutions to improve affordable housing. Below are 5 key lessons for successfully creating a housing impact fund. The Evergreen Impact Housing Fund, a collaborative effort to finance projects and increase capacity for affordable housing development, is one example that provides scalable strategies.

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Watch Party: Highlights from Spark! 2024

This webinar will feature top insights and key learnings from Spark! 2024 – Filene's in-person summer meeting held July 10-12 in Boston. Whether you missed the event or want a quick recap, this session is your perfect opportunity.

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