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Speaking and Strategy

Bring the most relevant topics of the credit union industry to life—whether you are looking to engage your entire team, educate your board, or inspire your constituents, Filene's talent is ready to spark discussion and action across a variety of topics.

Curated from Filene’s cutting-edge research, each speaking topic will provide actionable insights that you can put to use immediately. ​Topics represent the most often requested and relevant discussions shared by the credit union system today.

Speaking topics can be delivered virtually or in-person.

Speaking Topics Available

  • Filene 101: The Benefits and Opportunities of Membership
  • The Credit Union Renaissance: Emerging Trends & Strategic Priorities
  • Emerging Consumer & Industry Trends
  • Credit Union Growth Opportunities
  • Price, Product, and Promotion in the Evolving Credit Union Business Model

Solving the Puzzle of Credit Union Growth

  • Knowing Your Members: Member Compatibility & Organizational Identity
  • Embracing Trade-Offs: Strategy & Stakeholders
  • Driving & Measuring Performance: The Balance Sheet

Differentiating on Purpose: ESG & the Credit Union Proposition

  • The DEI Business Case: Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Financial Well-Being for All: Equity & Inclusion in the Marketplace
  • The Changing Climate for Credit Unions: Risks & Opportunities

How Data Drives Credit Union Digital Transformation

  • Digital Demands: Consumer Expectations & the Importance of Experience
  • Digital Infrastructure: The Modern Credit Union Data Stack
  • Digital Readiness: Drivers of Data Analytics Value in Credit Unions

See Sooner, Act Faster: Credit Union Innovation

  • Building Innovation Capacity with Organizational Ambidexterity
  • Cultivating Innovation Capability to Drive Performance
  • Partnership-Driven Innovation & the Future of the Credit Union-Fintech Ecosystem

The Future of the Credit Union Workforce & Workplace

  • Attracting, Retaining, & Managing Talent in the Hybrid Era
  • DEI and Employee Engagement
  • Building a Learning Organization


  • Leading edge insights to inform your organization’s strategy and tactics
  • Context to connect Filene’s research with similar information from other vertical industries
  • Action steps and/or tools that participants can use immediately

Related Research

The Credit Union of the Twenty-First Century


This report begins the process of reimagining the 1934 Federal Credit Union Act and aligns the credit union manifesto with twenty-first-century norms—economic, social, and technological—so that credit unions can envision how they can transform to meet the needs of consumers in the future.

Pathways to Financial Well-being


Filene tracked the outcomes of three lending programs through the lives of 20 people who participated in the Reaching Minority Households (RMH) Incubator. In this report, we share the experiences of those individuals and develop a model for how financial institutions can better support consumers in achieving financial well-being.

Member Experience and Service Excellence, Part 1: Member Compatibility and Operational Transparency


In this age of self-service, how can your member experience keep up—let alone outshine the competition? We explore two strategies: (1) focus on who you serve and how you serve them; and (2) transparency on how you show what’s behind your processes to enhance experience, build trust, and increase understanding.

Building the Modern Credit Union Data Stack to Leverage Analytics Value: Key Investments and Partners


This report introduces the modern credit union data stack and describes key capabilities and partnerships that will support credit union efforts to thrive into the future.