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Q1. What are the legal and ethical considerations for using AI?

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Q2. How does a hybrid work arrangement impact culture?

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Q3. What are some key strategies for deposit growth?

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Thinking Forward — How Changes in Consumer Savings Are Intensifying the War for Deposits

Today's challenging economic environment with higher prices due to inflation continues to put a strain on consumers' ability to save and is weakening the average American's financial health. In our latest Thinking Forward newsletter, Filene experts Taylor Nelms and Caroline Vahrenkamp provide insights on consumer savings trends since the pandemic and how this can impact credit unions in an already highly competitive war for deposits. 

Report #568 | Members

Understanding the Implementation and Impact of Employee Resource Groups

When designed and implemented effectively, employee resource groups (ERGs) can be leveraged to serve business goals while also improving employee performance and retention. As a key component of a wider DEI strategy, ERGs can help develop and deepen DEI efforts across your credit union.

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Report #592 | Members

Executing Your Credit Union's Analytics Strategy

With the rise of data-driven organizations in the financial services industry, it is essential for credit unions to accelerate value creation through the use of analytics. However, the lack of skilled analytical employees represents the most significant implementation challenge faced by organizations across industries.


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big.bright.minds. 2023

Scottsdale, AZ

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