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Cooperative Trust

The Cooperative Trust provides opportunities for rising credit union talent—specifically, young and emerging professionals.

Members of the Trust join and contribute to building a strong network of continuous and collaborative learners, create and curate professional and community development content and experiences, and develop strong loyalty and activism within the credit union industry.

I am accepting it as a personal and professional challenge to create spaces that empower and encourage others to be brave.
Doug Anderson
Member Journey Champion Canvas Credit Union

Active members of the community develop both personally and professionally—learning, discussing, and practicing an array of topics related to:

  • Leadership
  • Innovation + Incubation
  • Community Development
  • Credit Union Business Models
  • Data Analytics
  • Talent Recruitment + Engagement
  • Diversity, Equity + Inclusion
  • Consumer Life Events

Check out these opportunities available now!

Crash Course

We're bringing back another round of this unique experience for emerging leaders. Participants will collaborate with other like-minded leaders to gain a holistic perspective on credit unions and how our industry can continue to serve members into the 21st century and beyond.

Lessons Learned from Past Crashers

Unleashing Potential and Fostering Change


As the credit union landscape continues to evolve, young professionals like Tyjai M. Richardson are emerging as leaders who are reshaping the industry's future. With a fervent passion for serving members, a drive for innovation, and a commitment to inclusivity, Tyjai's journey exemplifies the transformative power of Filene's programs.

Building Connections, Growing as a Leader


From her initial bewildering introduction to Filene and its innovative programs to her current commitment as a Filene i3 participant, Erika’s journey perfectly encapsulates the transformative power of diving headfirst into opportunities. Here’s Erika’s insightful account of her involvement in Filene’s leadership development programs, the Cooperative Trust’s Crash and Filene i3, and how they’ve shaped her growth and understanding of the credit union industry.

The Cooperative Trust Crasher program: A Steppingstone Toward Your Career Goals


Six years ago, Ming Poon was working in the food-service industry and was facing a challenging financial situation, struggling to pay off his debt, purchase a reliable car, and raise his credit score. However, he refused to let his circumstances define his future and was determined to take control of his financial situation. To do so, Ming found resources that could help him achieve his financial goals.

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