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Innovation Groups

Infuse innovation into your organization’s culture, create solutions to the most pressing needs of your members, and energize your leaders and team.

Innovation Groups — Details

Leverage the Filene Method, a proven innovation curriculum developed for the credit union industry, to empower your organization with tools to create impactful innovation and transform the member experience.

Learn how to create and test new ideas rooted in consumer needs. More than 1,000 emerging leaders have been trained on the Filene Method delivering impactful ideas to change consumers’ lives. Now, you can too.


  • A proven innovation system designed for the cooperative system​
  • Tools that participants can use immediately with their teams and in their roles​
  • New ideas based on what members and employees need
  • Cross-silo collaboration that strengthens your organization’s culture
  • A different way of thinking that puts well-being at the center of every conversation
Learning the Filene Method of Innovation is something I won’t forget. The method itself teaches you how to approach challenges from a new angle and help focus your decision-making and problem-solving skills.
Sarah LeBlanc
Service Credit Union

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Many credit unions are either experts at “exploiting” the systems and processes they are good at or they tip to being great “explorers” for the next innovation. Few businesses find the perfect balance of organizational ambidexterity.

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