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Programs and services built from Filene’s proven methodology and a 15+ year successful track record of identifying, testing and scaling the best solutions.



Conductiv is a decisioning augmentation platform that increases approval rates without adding risk by leveraging alternative data and data analytics. With Conductiv data, credit unions can uncover qualified applicants and simultaneously meet impact lending and revenue goals.

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The Lab at Filene

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Identify and implement proven solutions faster…fuel your organization’s growth…amplify your impact in the community. The Lab at Filene gets you answers to the questions that matter most.

The Racial Economic Equity (REE) Incubator

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Advance racial economic equity throughout the credit union system by co-creating solutions that meet local community members’ needs and delivers resources, support and capital to communities of color.

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (EE) Incubator

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The EE Incubator is looking to empower credit unions to become effective ecosystem builders, fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth within their communities.


ITIN Lending Program


Improve access to affordable and quality financial services and grow your loan portfolio by offering loans to serve consumers who... Small Business Lending & Independent Workers Resource GuideDO-IT-YOURSELF Small Business Lending & Independent Workers Resource Guide Small businesses are central to the U.S. economy and society, yet the lives of...

Small Business Lending & Independent Workers Resource Guide


Small businesses are central to the U.S. economy and society, yet the lives of small business owners and independent workers...

Employer-Sponsored Small-Dollar Loan


Collaborate with employers in your community to provide safe, affordable loans that help hardworking employees avoid predatory rates and fees, establish or repair credit and begin to save.

Non-Prime Auto Loans


Having reliable transportation allows for increased access to employment, housing, and education. However, many credit challenged consumers lack reliable transportation.

Borrow & Save


Increase consumers’ economic security by providing an affordable small dollar loan with a payment term that makes sense for them.

Community Microfinance Small Business Lending


The community microfinance lending initiative helps low-income entrepreneurs from primarily underserved and underrepresented groups start their own businesses.

Payday Payoff Installment Loans


This program uses an underwriting model based on alternative data and allows borrowers to consolidate up to $2,500 of high-cost debt into an affordable installment loan.

Data Mined Auto Loans


This program employs sophisticated data mining techniques to identify households that may benefit from an affordable auto loan.