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What are the legal and ethical considerations for using AI?

Any credit union building a comprehensive AI policy should start by establishing a code of conduct or ethical guidelines pertaining to its use. The potential for AI to deceive or manipulate people is arguably unprecedented and necessitates thoughtful consideration about its deployment strategies.

Take, for example, the deployment of a chatbot agent by your credit union. Given the sophistication of modern AI, a member could mistake this chatbot for a real person. Such a misunderstanding could lead to future embarrassment or even a breach of trust once the member realizes that they've been interacting with an AI entity, not a human.

Therefore, a crucial aspect of these ethical guidelines should be a commitment to transparency. It might be advisable to implement a policy of always informing both staff and members when they are in communication with an AI entity. It is also important that the various areas of the organization work together to monitor and protect the systems involved. This not only ensures that the use of AI is ethical and transparent but also helps maintain trust in the relationships that the credit union has cultivated with its stakeholders.

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