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Artificial Intelligence

As the digital landscape and emerging technology continues to evolve, credit unions must assess the potential benefits of using artificial intelligence (AI) as well as the potential risks.

Why it matters

Over the last 50 years we’ve experienced a time of rapid growth and change when it comes to technology and how it has impacted not only our everyday lives but also credit union business models. Recently OpenAI released ChatGPT which according to UBS research, "is the fastest-growing consumer application in history." Generative AI like ChatGPT is a true game changer for the financial services industry when it comes to driving efficiency through talent and process automation, enhanced member experience, while also posing potential security risks.  

Depending on where your credit union is in the AI journey, Filene has you covered. We invite you to explore our current research insights and trends on the topic of artificial intelligence to help give you the information you need to implement the right AI strategy at your institution. 

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