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Auto Resource Center, An Online Resource for Vehicle Owners

  • Kathryn Davis President & CEO at Valley First Credit Union
  • Bob Falk President/CEO at Purdue Federal Credit Union
  • Kevin Johns Vice President, Sales & Services at Class Act Federal Credit Union
  • Lydia Johnson General Manager and CEO at Vancouver Police Credit Union
  • Jim Morrell President/CEO at Peninsula Community Federal Credit Union

In 2006, U.S. consumers purchased approximately 16.5 million autos and light trucks. Yet, despite the massive size of this market and the sheer volume of transactions, consumers are relatively dissatisfied with the way they make auto purchases.

Credit unions are known for their trustworthiness and service and because of this, they have just what members are looking for in an institution to assist them with the car ownership experience.

Auto Resource Center will help members to make auto purchases, and then manage vehicle-related tasks over the entire life of their auto with a set of Web-based tools.

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