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  • Lynette Cupps SVP Growth and Innovation at MAX Credit Union
  • Todd Kern Chief Experience Officer at Frontwave Credit Union
  • Sara Kraft Director, Commercial Operations at Wings Financial Credit Union
  • Erin Malekadeli Innovation Strategist at Members First Credit Union
  • Jeffrey Staw Chief Innovation Officer at Open Technology Solutions


In what ways might credit unions help members use and manage Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) programs for their purchases?

Innovative Solution:

CentroPay is a BNPL aggregator tool that helps credit union members manage their payments on their mobile phones with quick, easy, intuitive tools where they can manage their purchase payments, providing financial solutions for a better life for our members. 

CentroPay aggregates BNPL commitments from various sources into a single platform. This concept is envisioned to be embedded within an existing online banking platform to facilitate simplicity for the user. Members visiting their online banking app for other purposes would have increased visibility into BNPL commitments in the same location. This will require integration with online banking providers. 

At the same time, credit unions can gather and use data obtained through CentroPay for potential cross-sell opportunities. They may even be able to have additional insights into member creditworthiness.