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Charlie AI

  • Jennifer Topzand VP, Marketing at Frontwave Credit Union
  • Sandy Selewski Chief Operating Officer at Zeal Credit Union
  • Scott Maronic Director, Enterprise Data Analytics & Governance at PSECU
  • Thomaz DeMeoura Innovations Manager at Digital Federal Credit Union


In the digital era, the process of buying a vehicle and securing financing remains surprisingly
complex and disconnected. Consumers often juggle multiple platforms to find the right
vehicle, understand financing options, and make informed decisions. This fragmented
experience is particularly challenging for credit union members, who could benefit from a
more integrated approach that combines the search for vehicles with personalized financing

Innovative Solution:

Introducing Charlie AI, a groundbreaking digital assistant designed for credit unions to
revolutionize the vehicle buying and financing process. Charlie AI leverages generative AI to
offer a seamless, integrated platform that simplifies vehicle discovery and personalizes
financing options directly on your credit union's website. By connecting with top vehicle
databases and utilizing members' financial profiles, it ensures a tailored, efficient purchasing
journey. This tool not only enhances member experience but also boosts loan applications
and engagement, positioning your credit union at the forefront of digital innovation. Elevate
your service offerings with Charlie AI and redefine the way your members purchase and
finance vehicles—efficiently, securely, and seamlessly.