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  • Josette Gauthier Senior Vice-President Human Resources at Alterna Savings
  • Matt Henry CEO at Revenew
  • Chris Phillips Creator and Owner at SOLVR Group
  • Domenic Vinci Head of Strategic Alliance at Wyth Financial

The creation of a co-op to co-op lending website provides greater opportunity for the cooperation among cooperatives. Many cooperatives are in need of financing in order to grow and remain relevant within the markets in which they do business. Some co-operatives find themselves looking for relatively small loans in order to perform updates or repairs to their properties. Frequently cooperatives are looking for the financing necessary to acquire new properties to either expand or start-up their operations.

The co-op to co-op lending website will provide a networking opportunity for cooperatives to connect with other cooperatives and credit unions in their area to find the funding they require. This website will offer competitive returns for lenders and an alternate source of lending for cooperatives that need it.

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