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Conversion Concierge

  • Shawn Dunn VP of Business Intelligence at Arrowhead Credit Union
  • David Hullet VP of Commercial Lending & New Business Ventures at WEOKIE Federal Credit Union
  • Jason Scheopner VP, Strategy and Planning at Centris Federal Credit Union
  • Michelle Thompson VP, Operations at Financial Plus Credit Union
  • Keysha Webb VP, Remote Delivery & Innovation at Vantage West Credit Union


For credit unions to continue their growth, they need long-term members who take advantage of
multiple products and services. When a member leaves at loan closing or after a campaign, the credit
union is tasked with finding and onboarding new members. Financially, this causes a strain due to the
rising costs of onboarding new members. While there has been success in gaining membership,
there has been a challenge in sustaining long-term members, which causes overall membership
stagnancy or decline over time.

Innovative Solution:

Conversion Concierge is different from any other member engagement and onboarding process. The
unique experience will convert members into multi-product or service households seamlessly. The
process puts no added strain on credit union operations or workload.