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Credit Union Employees First


How might we give these member facing employees access to the collective knowledge of other credit union employees to build confidence and skill sets through shared personal and professional experiences to improve member service?  


Employees’ First is an institutional knowledge resource that leverages the collective experiences of your credit union employees.  The experiences of your credit union teams are compiled to provide the base data for others to engage with and learn from.  

Test Results:

The results proved to be key indicators of the potential future success of Employees’ First.  In each of the three prototyped “firsts” survey results showed positive movement in both the employees comfort level discussing with members and their own personal knowledge.  Specifically to communicating with members, each “first” showed a 30% decrease to defer to another employee and a minimum of 20% increase in comfortably with the “first”.  These results show the value of Employees’ First to the end-user group, which should translate into a larger credit union environment.  

The Presentation: