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CU Launch

  • Eric Dillon Chief Executive Officer at Conexus Credit Union
  • C. J. Meyers Senior Vice President/CFO at Teachers Federal Credit Union
  • Kelley Parks Creative Catalyst, Owner at gira{ph}
  • Brandon Riechers President and CEO at Royal Credit Union
  • Ginger Salt Chief Experience Officer at Piedmont Federal Savings Bank

While there are a variety of resources for a new business to use, often these resources are generic in nature and have a “one size fits all” model. CU Launch is designed to match specialized needs with specialized services creating a very customized and consultative approach to starting up a new business.

It starts with the small business owner identifying needs for its business through the help of the Big Idea Evaluator Tool. These needs generally are professional services and could be expanded to include any area of expertise volunteered by credit unions.

One facet of CU Launch is its repository for volunteer professional services and time commitments. This “people helping people” focus is an easy fit for the credit union industry, as the whole industry is active in its communities, plus credit union staff already volunteer many hours to help support those who are in need of assistance. CU Launch is designed to tap into the knowledge and expertise of the volunteers to offer professional help to new businesses. CU Launch is a transparent layer between small businesses needing specific resource assistance to a participant willing to volunteer their expertise.

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