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CU Tempo

  • C. Lee Brice Senior Vice President, Strategic Direction and Operations at Desert Schools Federal CU
  • Mary Dolan Sales and Service Development Coordinator at Maine State Credit Union
  • Kevin Johns Vice President, Sales & Services at Class Act Federal Credit Union
  • Todd Marksberry President & CEO at Canvas Credit Union
  • Caroline Redmann President & CEO at Members 1st Credit Union
  • Charlie White Entrepreneur and Principal Partner, COO at Affinity Federal Credit Union, Thwakk, Inc.

IMAGINECredit unions taking their inherent spirit of cooperation to a whole new level.

IMAGINEA helpful, easy-to-use tool that helps credit unions survive and thrive amidst ever-mounting economic and operational pressures.

IMAGINETruly meaningful collaboration that can benefit the industry today and in the future.

IMAGINEA simple, web-based mechanism that helps match credit unions with other credit unions to share resources—that’s the idea recently developed by one of Filene’s i3 innovation teams.

The CU Tempo (formally CU Harmony) Web site connects people to people, people to credit unions, and credit unions to credit unions. It is a vehicle for creating long-term relationships which can be profitable and beneficial for the credit unions involved. Users may not only share information, but offer their skills to help others. The site allows for queries against any of the fields carried in the NCUA 5300 call reports to find credit unions that fit potential partnership opportunities.

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