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How might Credit Unions leverage their relationships to connect members who aren’t likely to volunteer with community organizations in a unique and memorable way?


The role of Dime Drop is to connect potential volunteers (our members) with community organizations who have a pre-existing event/need.  This is achieved through a flash mob approach and leveraging social media.  “Tweeple helping People”

Test Results:

Affinity: FoodBank Garden Patch Harvest

About 75 people attended and 25 people were surveyed.  Couples and families were only surveyed once to avoid duplication.

  • 56% heard about the event from social media (9 Facebook, 3 Twitter, 2 Kijiji,) 
  • 100% would participate in another event like this one.
  • 20% came specifically because Affinity was donating $50 per person
  • 44% knew it was put on by Affinity. Dime Drop was not a recognized term.
  • 48% said they’d choose an FI based on community activities such as these. 
  • 28% were Affinity Members.