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  • Betsy Guerrero Chief Financial Officer at Red Rocks Credit Union
  • Michelle Merkley AVP Employee Relations & Development at TruMark Financial Credit Union
  • Michael Salerno Director of Digital Operations at America First Federal Credit Union
  • Ray Springsteen President/CEO at Fort Knox FCU


Research shows that too many options lead to lower probability of purchase and decreased satisfaction. Managing choice overload during new member account openings is crtical so that the easiest decision is not to do nothing at all.


Just4You enables credit union employees to open accounts for consumers that meet their individual financial needs. Based on responses to six questions, it queues up personalized offerings of products and services for new members.

Test Results:

Fort Knox Federal Credit Union and Westerra Credit Union tested Just4You in August 2013. Over the 30-day period, the two credit unions opened 144 new member accounts using Just4You.

Just4You improved sales performance during account openings. At Westerra CU, 13% of new accounts were opened with three or more products using Just4You, compared to 4% normally. And, credit cards were sold at double the normal page of account opening. At Fort Knox FCU, more new members adopted checking accounts. Loan product sales increased by 5% at both credit unions.