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  • Amanda Hardy Branch Manager at ELGA Credit Union
  • Ayaz Bhaiyat Director, IT Operations and End-User Technologies at Kinecta Federal Credit Union
  • Chad Williams Director of Enterprise Project Management at Visions Federal Credit Union
  • Korey McMahon Chief Growth Officer at WEOKIE Federal Credit Union
  • Ryan Best Speakers Bureau Manager at TruStage


In an age where financial independence is crucial, a significant gap exists in the financial education of young adults aged 16-24. This demographic often faces the challenge of lacking fundamental financial knowledge, which is pivotal for making informed financial decisions. Traditional methods of financial education have failed to effectively bridge this gap, primarily due to their inability to engage this tech-savvy generation. Most existing resources lack the element of interactivity and fail to resonate with the interests and learning styles of young people today.

Adding to this challenge, credit unions, traditionally known for their community-focused financial services, struggle to connect with this younger demographic. Unlike banks, many credit unions have yet to fully embrace technology in delivering educational resources, creating a disconnect in attracting and educating the digital-native generation.

Recent studies underscore the urgency of this problem: A staggering 74% of young adults admit to lacking confidence in financial matters, impacting not just their current financial decisions but also their long-term financial health. This situation calls for an innovative solution – one that not only educates but also engages and motivates young adults to develop sound financial habits.

'Learn2Earn Rewards' addresses this critical need by transforming financial education into a fun, rewarding, and engaging experience, aligning with the technological aptitude and preferences of young adults. In doing so, it promises to play a crucial role in shaping financially savvy future generations.

Innovative Solution:

Learn2Earn Rewards is not just an app; it's a financial revolution. This platform uniquely combines gamified learning with real-world rewards to transform financial education for young adults. Unlike traditional, often tedious financial literacy programs, Learn2Earn makes learning engaging, interactive, and rewarding. Users earn real incentives, like discounts on loans or movie tickets, as they improve their financial knowledge. This approach not only educates but also motivates a techsavvy generation to develop healthy financial habits, something no other program in the market currently offers in such an integrated, user-friendly format.