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  • Thomas Bowen Director of Member Relations at National Cooperative Business Association
  • Susan Brooks SVP Contact Center at Navy Federal Credit Union
  • Laura Campbell President + CEO at Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union
  • Rebecca Secor Chief Experience Officer at Member Loyalty Group
  • Frank Weidner President & CEO at Wings Financial Federal Credit Union
  • Musette Bracher Licensed Realtor at RE/MAX

Description: MVP (Member Value Promise) formerly Friends & Benefits is a program that provides members with a personalized statement that summarizes the value of the member’s relationship with the credit union. The report displays for the member, what s/he has saved or earned above and beyond what could have been expected at another financial institution.

Even though a benefit statement has been successfully implemented in one piloting credit union, this idea is in early pilot phase, so expressing interest now will enable you and your staff to assist in shaping this idea.

Key Findings:MVP will bring in more business, gain member trust and loyalty, and increase word of mouth marketing. A member benefit statement is an affordable, yet completely customizable program that will generate positive and actionable results for credit unions who implement the strategy.

Get Involved: If you are interested in this concept or interested in joining the shaping conversations, please contact us. We need to hear from you soon!