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  • Julie Cosgrove Chief Talent Officer at Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union
  • Jeanne Denton Founder and CEO at Learn and Thrive Co
  • Linda Garboczi Training Teacher at IMPROVement
  • C.J. Presto CFO at Baxter Credit Union

Recently the Doorways to Dreams Fund, Incorporated was the driving force in the execution of altering IRS forms to offer a portion of a tax refund to be directed to a savings bond. This solution provides a way for low income taxpayers to feel the reward of saving, the convenience of saving, and to have an opportunity to save with an instrument that has little or no barrier to entry. The next step is to address the retirement savings needs of low to moderate income individuals working for small businesses. Often small businesses such as daycare providers and others (businesses with less than 15 employees) do not provided company-sponsored retirement plans, or savings options. Employees of these businesses find themselves facing a dilemma. They know they should be saving, they want to save, but the barriers to entry can be steep. With no access to a company retirement plan, no other option offered by an employer, and an inability to meet the opening deposit minimums with traditional financial institutions offering retirement savings instruments, individuals are left out in the cold.

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