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How might we use virtual reality to improve credit union training by using real-life situations?


Our solution is to tap into virtual reality much like the airline industry has done in the past to simulate real-life situations for credit union employees. By using immersive yet novel experiences that seem more like play than work, virtual reality can inject enthusiasm and engagement where they may be lacking, helping employees retain critical information.

Testing Results:

To test this concept, we surveyed credit union tellers on up through senior managers representing various credit union departments. Testers were asked a series of questions and given the ability to watch the robbery video prototype.

  • A large proportion of respondents stated that their current training challenges were that of retention of materials however over 60% stated that they felt their training was long-lasting and effective.
  • Surveyors stated that they felt the following training would be effective if done using virtual reality: Robbery, active shooter, diversity and inclusion, and sales and service.
  • When asked how would virtual reality help to train employees, respondents stated it would improve engagement and make it easier to retain the information by providing real-life experiences.