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A 2012 Consumer Reports National Research Center survey found that one in five consumers wanted to change banks largely because of their frustrations with increased fees for routine services, but the challenge of transferring automatic payments and other factors kept half of them from making the switch.


Switch Ninja is designed to remove the complexity of switching to a credit union by automating the transfer of bill payments and deposits for common payees and communicating with consumers throughout the process, easing their minds and decreasing the time to complete the overall switching process. This improved experience for consumers transforms a time-consuming manual process into a streamlined, sticky solution and market differentiator.

Test Results:

Switch Ninja was tested with 10 Valley First Credit Union members during March 2014, with automatic payments being transferred from other financial institutions. During the process, both members and teammates shared that the switching experience was less painful than anticipated or improved based on their past experiences. The process worked as designed and the intention to eliminate or reduce switching pain points, for both members and staff, was realized.

The Presentation: