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The Savings Revolution

  • Danielle Chatfield-Beres Vice President/Controller at First City Bank
  • Kathleen Emery Strategic Business Advisor at Q2ebanking
  • Mark Forsyth National Institutes of Health FCU
  • Tom Gisewhite Vice-President / Marketing Director at First National Bank
  • Musette Bracher Licensed Realtor at RE/MAX

Savings Revolution

The Savings Revolution is like Weight Watchers® for your wallet. The program, introduced and tested by Filene i3 in 2007, allows people to overhaul their financial lifestyles to save money and reduce debt with simple strategies that are supported by social media with credit union collaboration. The Savings Revolution has two main components:

1. Savings Challenge. A Savings Challenge is an event in which selected members of your credit union compete toward achieving defined savings and debt reduction goals. The participant(s) most closely reaching or exceeding their financial goals win the competition and receive a prize. Ongoing monitoring of the participants’ progress via some sort of media interaction stimulates other members and consumers to check on the families’ progress. It also prompts them to think about taking the next step toward their own financial goals.

2. Savings Revolution. This mass nationwide implementation of setting financial goals and working toward them in concert with their neighbors and fellow members is the Savings Revolution. This requires some sort of networking of members and the ability for them to easily set their goals and monitor their progress toward them. They also need to be able to actively share notes with their friends and neighbors who face similar challenges and see how other people respond to those challenges.

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