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  • Bob Morgan CEO at NorthCountry FCU
  • Kelley Parks Creative Catalyst, Owner at gira{ph}
  • Jason Peach CEO at West Community Credit Union
  • Brandon Riechers President and CEO at Royal Credit Union

The credit union model in its simplest form matches the members of the community who need loans with members of the community who have excess funds to invest. When members make a deposit in their credit union, the funds are available to meet loan demands of other members of the credit union. However, the depositors do not play an active role in determining how their funds are used. This responsibility has been given to the Board and Management of the Credit Union. By implementing Wintegrity, credit unions can achieve greater transparency by allowing depositors to “control” how their funds are invested.

Wintegrity gives small businesses opportunities to connect with their community and get the funding they need. This connection can be achieved directly through an “online” environment that is managed by the credit union. Wintegrity also helps socially conscious investors connect directly with members of the business community, forming a true partnership that embodies the credit union cooperative spirit.

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