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Aloha! Tansley Stearns Sets Sail in Support of Credit Unions

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word Aloha as a greeting to mean both "welcome" and "farewell." This is why the word is a perfect fit for what the Filene team will be saying to Tansley Stearns, our chief impact officer, later this month.

We announce with great pride and some sadness that our beloved Tansley is taking her next step in her unending quest to serve and support the credit union system. No, despite my sentimental introduction, she’s not headed to Hawaii--but a place just as lovely, nonetheless. She will be joining the senior executive ranks at Public Service Credit Union, a long-time, strong supporter of Filene. Tansley will be serving in the role of Chief Marketing & Strategy officer for the $2.3B institution based in Denver.

“Tansley’s passion for credit unions, commitment to delivering results and proven strategic experience will be critical for our team as we build our future,” said Todd Marksberry, CEO at Public Service Credit Union. “We are grateful to Filene Research Institute for being an incubator not just of new ideas, but also exceptional talent.”

A Filene i3 alumna, Tansley has given us many gifts in her time at Filene, most recently serving as chief impact officer with a passion for listening to and acting on what credit unions need and want. During her tenure, Tansley played a pivotal role in building a bridge between credit unions, academia and Silicon Valley, and helping ensure even more institutions have the ability to benefit and grow from Filene’s credit union-focused, action-ready research. Thanks to her passion and commitment, credit unions across the country have powered up their innovation, strengthened their strategic competencies and enhanced their overall member experience.

As Tansley shared, “Filene’s communities not only make a difference for people today, but can shape their careers for years to come. I’m eternally grateful for the impact Filene has had on me.”

We’ll miss Tansley’s laughter, boundless energy and fount of creativity. While we’re sad to say farewell to a valued team member, we know this is only just the beginning of a new chapter of great impact that Tansley will have on the strength and success of credit unions everywhere.

At Filene, we’re proud to cultivate and grow talented young leaders who go on to lead change and innovation in our industry’s top credit unions, associations and suppliers. We welcome the seeds of possibility we put out into the world. So, to Tansley, we offer our “Aloha!” in every sense of the word.

Aloha, Tansley!