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Andrew Downin: A Quadruple Threat … Could you be Next?

In 2012, I was interviewing dozens of credit unions executives for potential entry into Filene’s i3 program. On a warm, summer day I called an Andrew Downin who was then in charge of product development at Schools First Credit Union. I started my call by asking him what he did last weekend. With confidence, he replied, “I went to a Barry Manilow concert!”









Thus began my (and Filene’s) fantastic relationship with Drew. He was accepted into i3 and contributed immediately by building such bold ideas as Centsus and WheelChoice. Next, Filene was looking for a new head of innovation and he was the natural choice for this hire. For a guy from Arizona who spent most of his adult life in Southern California, Wisconsin was a real change. Once again, he contributed immediately by helping to expand innovation programming beyond the i3 program into state leagues and individual organizations. Plus, he became very adept at shoveling snow, appreciating cheese curds and making small talk about our non-existent traffic. His next challenge arrived in 2016 when we went looking for a new head of research. Again, Andrew was the natural choice and his contributions were immediate with the building of Filene’s Centers of Excellence.

Filene has been fortunate to keep Andrew in our orbit for the past 6 plus years, and now we congratulate him (in a bittersweet manner) as he launches into his new role as VP/Marketing and Communications at Vantage West Credit Union in Arizona. I always told Andrew he was a quadruple threat: brilliant writer, persuasive speaker, motivational manager and a superior human being. Thanks Andrew and good luck in Arizona!

…Are you a quadruple threat? We have a vacancy for managing director, research at Filene…!