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Ben Rogers Makes His Final Goal at Filene

Argentina was playing against somebody at the sports bar at the Wynn the day I first met Ben Rogers nearly a decade ago. The conversation was easy, though I don’t remember what it was. We’ve been through two more World Cups since then and about 500% Filene headcount growth. Regretfully, Ben won’t be at Filene for the next World Cup.

Ben has accepted a role at Qualtrics as head of content at a research organization outside of the credit union space located in Salt Lake City. This is a wonderful opportunity for our beloved Ben and has the added benefit of bringing him closer to his family in Utah.

Please join me in congratulating Ben on this awesome growth opportunity. We are grateful for his significant contributions over the past nine+ years and are excited to build upon that work for many more decades to come. Here are just a few of his many contributions.

  • Nurtured a durable young adult program from the seeds of COOL Solutions, to the shoots of CU Tomorrow, to the tree (maybe some sort of nut tree) of the Cooperative Trust. A thriving program with over 1,000 members.
  • Published more than 200 reports. Many of which are foundational reports that (we hope) have changed the way that credit union leaders see the world. I know that many of them have changed the way that I do.
  • Built a research pipeline and process that leverages the work of respected academics and is nurtured by the Filene research team. The extremely talented team can pick up right where Ben left off due to his careful planning.
  • Helped formulate the Centers of Excellence to lead credit unions through the next 10 years. I’m so excited to share the beginnings of this effort with you in the coming months.
  • Filene will be assessing the research role in the coming weeks and will be seeking a new teammate to carry the torch and advance the efforts already fully in motion.

Adios, Ben Rogers!