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Follow Along on our #CrashTheGAC17 Journey

The Crashers are going to Washington! Yes, once again, The Cooperative Trust has assembled FIFTY of the nation's freshest, bright-eyed, young credit union professionals to make the annual trek to Washington D.C. to "Crash the GAC" and deliver the message on Capitol Hill that the country's youth care about the future of credit unions! 

Check out the full list of our 50 Crashers, and follow along on their journey with Megan, Blair, Amber and Daniel as they take over The Cooperative Trust's social media in D.C. 

We've got representation from nearly every state and the district, so here they are: meet the 2017 Crashers! And when you see them at GAC, give them a high five and thank them for showing up with a boatload of passion for this industry.

On being thankful...

We’re so grateful to Credit Union National Association (CUNA) for being our partner and primary supporter to make these magical events happen. Because of the great generosity of CUNA, all our Crashers are receiving full attendance scholarships.

We’re also so excited that Visa has recognized the value of this program and is supporting our ongoing efforts. This shows their commitment not only to credit unions now, but the long-term future of credit unions. With their support, we will be able to do so much more, which you will see over the coming 12 months.

In the short term though, we are able to showcase and highlight GAC crashers on their journey! Starting with Amber, Blair, Daniel and Megan on the ground in Washington D.C.

Through the eyes of Crashers...

We've selected 4 "super Crashers" to be the eyes and ears on the ground during #CrashTheGAC17:

Each will take over The Cooperative Trust's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms for a day during GAC. Follow along to see the world through their eyes.  Our hashtag is #crashthegac17. Use it and your posts will grace the presence of our collective social wall!

I can assure you they are as excited about this special project as I am! Here's what they have to say about the experience so far:

Amber Asplund, Illinois, IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union: 

“Being selected to represent Illinois as a Crasher for the 2017 Governmental Affairs Conference is such an honor! This takes spreading the credit union movement to a whole new level for me and I am thrilled that I can be a voice for both credit unions and our members. Joining my fellow crashers, being able to share our journey throughout the way, and learning more about how I can advocate and represent the credit union values and mission are  the things I am most excited about. Washington D.C. here I come!”

Follow Amber on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (@dbla217).

Blair Wolston, Vermont, VSECU:

"Being selected to Crash the GAC is such a rush and will push me outside my comfort zone, which we all know incites personal growth. My feelings of belonging within the credit union movement have been validated. I’m excited about visiting Washington D.C. for the first time, to represent an industry I feel holds the keys to sustainable financial prosperity for Americans. The cooperative model works and I want to be a part of its current and future implementation."  

Follow Blair on FacebookLinkedInTwitterInstagram and Snapchat (@bwolston).

Daniel Bradshaw, Ohio, Marion Community Credit Union:

"Representing Ohio's credit unions at Crash the GAC is such an honor and privilege. Having been part of credit unions and banks from both the employee and consumer side, I can say without a doubt how real the credit union difference is. I've heard so many stories from our members about how we've been there for them when other financial institutions weren't. I can't wait to share their stories on Capitol Hill and do my part to promote the positive impact of credit unions on our communities."   

Follow Daniel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Megan Jackson, Florida, CFE FCU:

"Being selected as a Young Professional Crasher to represent the sunny state of Florida is such an honor and a privilege! I can’t express how eager I am to collaborate with my fellow crashers across the nation to push the credit union movement forward. From “Hiking the Hill” to meeting with various lawmakers to advocate for particular bills, it’s all going to be an experience that will never be forgotten. I’m eager for the opportunity to share the crashing experience through my eyes on the various social media channels! This is a BIG year for the credit union industry and I am thrilled to be a part of the Governmental Affairs Conference of 2017!"

Follow Megan on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (@jmeganmarie83).

A few more items of note...