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George Hofheimer’s Next Great Adventure

George Hofheimer, an explorer, has decided to leave Filene to explore a new direction in his life.

For the last 15 years, George has been instrumental in reimagining our organization as we have developed and delivered on our mission to create cutting-edge research, real-world innovation and powerful connections to help credit unions think forward and change lives. He now wants to reimagine his own life as he seeks contentment and balance.

Filene owes George a tremendous debt for all he has done to help us grow into the innovative organization we are today. He has been there since the beginning of the new era of Filene 15 years ago and has been there as my trusted partner in our evolution. His contributions are numerous and will be long-lasting. A few of the highlights:

  • He implemented our Fellows model from the University of Wisconsin center of research enhancing our brand and reach
  • Transformed our portfolio of research to future oriented themes through the Center of Excellence model driving relevancy
  • Brought credibility to our incubation work with successful prototyping of low/moderate income and minority household products to extend credit unions reach to help build wealth
  • He has represented Filene exceptionally as a brand/cultural ambassador

George isn’t going anywhere soon. His last day with Filene is December 1, so we still have access to his thoughtful insights for a few more months as we work through a transition plan. If you’re a key stakeholder, you will hear from someone at Filene soon about your new contact.

Please join me in congratulating George and wishing him well on his next great adventure.