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Key Takeaways from the Hindsight Prototype Test

Have you ever gone to a conference, experienced a series of eye-opening Aha! moments, only to get home with very little memory of what you’d intended to learn? Us, too.  

A creative team of four Filene i3 innovators dreamed up and built Hindsight to increase conference productivity, create a more engaged audience, boost post-conference action, and – you guessed it – aid in remembering everything covered at an 80 miles-per-hour conference. So how does Hindsight work, exactly?

Hindsight is a one-stop-shop dashboard for workplace conferences: conference schedules, time budgeting logs, lists of attendees and employees, a note-taking section, and a special button to add those Aha! moments are all included in one easy-access portal. As an attendee, you log notes you want to be sure you don’t forget, catch missed Aha! moments from other conference attendees and share your insights with your team back at home in an instant. As a manager, you can evaluate the value of the conference in tandem with your budget. Finally, conference managers have a tool to evaluate the in-person experiences they invest so much of their time, energy and resources in to. With Hindsight, they can see which speakers resonated with their attendees, administer surveys, and get real-time insights about their content.

Sound good? Our users thought so, too!

Overall, our users were impressed with Hindsight’s usability and effectiveness. The layout was easy to navigate and the dashboard was an exceptional tool for increasing the visibility of conference takeaways. One marketing manager stated that she loved having the ability to capture a thought at any point in the conference via the “Add Aha!” button. Having an all-in-one location for conference necessities was incredibly valuable to users. When surveyed, one credit union Vice President stated that Hindsight solved his past frustration of not being able to bring concrete value from conferences to his organization. With Hindsight, he was able to automatically share his Aha! moments, as well as create action items to implement lasting change in his organization. A significant number of our users found that, more than anything, Hindsight provided a better return on investment of time. Now that’s change we can get behind!

What’s Next?

While it is clear Hindsight can provide significant value, the build-out is extensive and requires resources that are beyond our current capacity. If you want to hear updates about Hindsight and further developments, let us know here.


A work in progress.

When asked what users could do without, an overwhelming majority said that they didn’t think anything should be removed from Hindsight. In this regard, functionality was appreciated more than anything else. However, as with any new system, edits were requested. A few users stated that it was unclear whether their notes were private, or if their notes could be viewed by other attendees, and as such, wanted the option to save privately or save publicly. Additionally, some users felt the budget section to be superfluous, as most attendees would not be aware of such information. Finally, it was stated by a small minority of users that Hindsight had some issues with saving notes and logging Aha! moments; most referenced this bug as having been fixed while at the conference.