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One step forward...

This is an important step, but there is more work to do. We must build on this moment to continue to focus on what actions we each can take to push our progress forward.

Our journey, as a nation, to racial equity and justice will not be won overnight. We must build on this moment to continue to focus on what actions we each can take to push our progress forward. It is only by taking action, that collectively we can build a better future.

I want to be clear that racial disparities in our criminal justice system must end, Black lives matter and we will not tolerate Asian hate or any other discrimination or systems of oppression. Statements have been made. It is time to do something. There are resources and tools that every one of us can use today, this week, this month to take action for our staff, communities, members and individuals, and that is what I want to direct focus on—action.

To build on the momentum of today's events, credit unions have the opportunity to stand up for what is right and what is needed. Now is the time focus on action.

Action to support credit union employees:

Action to support and grow leadership teams:

Action to support your community:

Action to take this week:

  • Encourage your team to take the time to attend a research event focused on operationalizing solutions for the 3 main life transitions that disrupt the path to financial well-being, including the impact of involvement in the criminal justice system

Action to take this month:

  • Complete the DEI policies and practices survey to enhance the quality of foundational benchmarking research that will produce sound and effective direction for credit unions on DEI practices that achieve desired outcomes

Lastly, an action to take every day – get involved in our work and use our resources! Filene was created by credit unions’ desire to continually seek progress in the service and support of their members and communities.

We have resources ready for you now, and we’re working on more every day. It is up to each and every one of us to use the resources available to us to achieve the outcomes we hope to see. 

Rather than letting the heaviness of the past weigh us down, let us see that we can move past trauma with small, medium and big actions every day to build a better future. Let us rest easier knowing there ARE things we can do to make progress in times of uncertainty if we face it straight on with empathy and grace in our character, and determination to push forward with action.