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Researchers in Cars Doing Roadtrips: A Test Drive

On November 18 at the Money Talk Colloquium in Tucson Arizona, Brian Rich (2015 Idaho GAC Crasher) and I will be interviewing Hope Jensen Schau and Ignacio Luri, researchers from our Millennial Money Chatter report. But it won't be your typical interview, at all. This will be a "Researchers taking Roadtrips" experience -- driving through the University of Arizona campus while asking Crashers' questions and capturing insights from the researchers themselves about millennials' language and attitudes around finances.

But First...A Test Drive

Holly Fearing and I did a test drive this week just to make sure we had all our 'i's dotted and 't's crossed with the tech plan, and it was a really fun experiment. Come along for the ride with us in the clip below. Want to get YOUR question asked directly to the Money Chatter researchers? Leave a comment here with questions you'd like us to ask Hope and Ignacio and we'll give a shout out to you and your credit union!

Understanding financial topics through millennials' eyes and being able to empathize with their attitudes and perceptions is key for credit unions to develop effective programs for engagement. The Money Chatter research combines online ethnography (netnography) to gain a better understanding of millennial financial discourse, and in particular, student debt. This research helps credit unions navigate millennial mindsets by providing a look into the online world of financial discourse, where "money chatter" is wrought with emotions. 

The Money Talk Colloquium will turn the tables around to allow us to dive deeper into the minds of credit union members as we explore topics related to consumer decision making.

Leave a comment or email me to tell us your question and we'll take it along for the ride.