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Spark! Keynote Recap and Your Invite to big.bright.minds.

At Spark! Filene's Spring Meeting, connection was in full force. Industry experts, academic thought-leaders, and attendees came together for a hands-on experience that sparked ideas, insights, innovations and inspirations into actionable change.

Spark! brought an opportunity to connect people and ideas in ways that virtual connections lack. Be part of Filene's biggest opportunity of the year by registering for big.bright.minds 2023 now. Then get ready by reviewing keynote sessions from Filene Fellow's at Spark! about driving growth, better serving member needs, gaining innovation through partnerships, and more.

Fellow Dr. Lisa Servon from the Center for Financial Lives in Transition shares her latest research insights on the troubled term, financial literacy, and how credit unions can better connect with members in their moment of need.

Fellow Dr. Quinetta Roberson from the Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion presents her latest research insights on how to best leverage DEI to deepen partnerships with suppliers and other partners.

Filene Fellow Dr. Bill Maurer from the Center for Emerging Technology shares his latest research insights on alternative underwriting and how to assess which models could expand access while growing lending.

Fellows Dr. Jeffrey Robinson from the Center for Innovation & Incubation and Dr. Mai Ngyuen from the Center for Community Social Impact, showcase the broader lessons drawn from Filene’s Racial Economic Equity Incubator and show how you can adapt tactics and approaches to grow and improve outcomes in your communities.