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Tell us what you need

Filene stands at the ready to get you the support and resources that would help you best serve your members and employees right now.

“Stress and worry. You may think that you’re not under stress, but you can be and just have a way of hiding it. I would say about six to nine months, it took about [that long] to save to get caught up and to have security if [another financial emergency] were to happen again. You know, jobs are not guaranteed at all. Nothing’s guaranteed in this world.”

Leeza, a Freedom First Federal Credit Union member, made this comment to our researchers about her need for a program that Filene has been testing and researching with credit unions across the country over the past few years.

We see you

Credit union staff – more than most – understand the financial stress that members are under on a regular basis, because you see it every day. Right now, our nation’s credit unions are working harder than ever before to be a strong support system for members, their employees and the community.

Tell us what you need

We have a research library that has grown to 500 reports to support the credit union system – the system you are a part of and the system that supports more than 117 million people’s financial lives and well-being.

We are a team of passionate believers in the work that credit unions do every day and we stand at the ready to get you the resources that would help you better serve your members and employees right now. Simply tell us what would be most helpful.

Leeza concluded her comment above by sharing, “My support network is God, myself, and the credit union.”

The value that credit unions offer, and the role they play in changing people’s lives, is clear. Filene is here to help you in every way we can.