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The Sandwich Generation Wrap-Up

We hope you had a fantastic holiday season and your new year is off to a great start! December was a whirlwind month for us here at Filene and we want to be sure you didn't miss one of our most popular reports from last month.

In case you prefer wraps over sandwiches--here's a "wrap-up" of the resources available to learn more about our "Sandwich Generation" research. 

Why is it so important for credit unions to pay attention to the unique financial needs of this segment of the American population? For starters, the research tells us that there are nearly 10 million Americans feeling financial stress due to caring for loved ones in both a generation older and a generation younger than them--resulting in the situation of feeling squeezed:

This generation of financially stressed adults are at a tipping point. And credit unions are well positioned to support them by providing solutions to their unique financial challenges. This is a potentially powerful differentiator for the credit union movement to harness in 2017.

Last month, I spoke with CU Times where I shared my reflections and insights on the most important elements of this research and of course, the key takeaways for credit unions to be able to better serve this niche demographic. Take a look:

It is thanks to the generous support of our friends at CUNA Mutual Group that this research was possible. They summarized the main takeaways of the report for you in a recent blog post.

We'll leave you with this helpful visual of products and services credit unions can offer to better support this squeezed generation.

In a wrap...

Once again, here are your resources to learn more about one of our most popular reports from the end of 2016: