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Top 5 Blogs of 2020

Review the cutting-edge insights from our most read blogs in 2020.

As the long-term impact of COVID-19 became more and more apparent, we knew we had to adjust the way we packaged our research. Long form research projects were not going to do the trick in delivering timely, relevant and critical information to our members in real-time response to the global pandemic. It's no surprise that those quick-hit blogs make up the majority of our most read blogs in 2020.

The strategies and insights still apply today as we continue to navigate the aftermath of this pandemic. Grab your coffee and dive into our most read blogs of 2020 and see what you can bring to your credit union in the new year.

5. Managing Remote Work at Your Credit Union

Credit unions have always put people first, and this past year included supporting their employees as they transitioned to remote work. Working remotely, especially when it isn’t by choice and accompanied by stressors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, presented challenges for even the most resilient teams. But a well-managed staff will have what they need to adapt to new workflows, foster virtual connections and help advance the credit union mission.

Filene Fellow Sekou Bermiss shares six steps on how you can help staff adapt to new workflows, foster virtual connections and advance your mission.

Managing Remote Work at Your Credit Union

4. Racial Justice: The Work Starts With Us

America’s credit unions exist to fix what's broken. They stand for inclusion, financial empowerment and economic opportunity. 

Following the social unrest of this past year, Filene wanted to be clear about where we stand and our commitment to help credit unions think forward to change lives for all communities. This statement is our commitment to build off of the work that the credit union industry is already doing by launching a five-year research to apply best practices around diversity, equity and inclusion, increase diverse representation, and advance organizational inclusiveness and equitable outcomes in credit unions and in the financial services industry at large.

Racial Justice: The Work Starts With Us

3. How to Be an Inclusive Leader During a Pandemic

We were instructed by the world’s health experts to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others in order to prevent the spread of illness and reduce its devastating impact. As a result, our “new normal” has become conference calls, video chats, and other forms of distanced work interactions. But a sense of connection and community remains central to our well-being and engagement at work.

The key to inclusion is to actively create the experience of being part of the team. Filene Fellow Quinetta Roberson provides three key ways to foster a sense of inclusion among your team members.

How to Be an Inclusive Leader During a Pandemic

2. What the Pandemic Means for Women in the Hustle Economy

Workers in the hustle economy share a risk position: their economic activity is necessary for their financial well-being, but it does not afford them job-related protections. For women, the risks are especially acute. While it is true that economic necessity drives many women to enter the hustle economy, many women are also hustling because they want to. Hustling is insecure and risky, but when compared to the job market, many women think the risk is worth it.

Women’s economic activity will be vital to kickstarting the service economy once the post-pandemic normal is established. And credit unions have an opportunity to build foundations for a new normal that works better for women than did the old normal.

What the Pandemic Means for Women in the Hustle Economy

1. Helping Members in Response to COVID-19: First Steps

As a financial cooperative, our desire to help members, especially in time of dire need, is high. 

From evaluating your credit union’s net worth, to best practices in adjusting your offerings during this emergency, to using a customized worksheet to run your own numbers and help think through how much emergency lending you have, credit unions were able to take these first steps to set the stage for the long term success for both their credit union and their members. 

Helping Members in Response to COVID-19: First Steps

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