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What does a think tank do when we find ourselves immersed in a time of uncertainty?

What do we do when there are many questions but few answers? We embrace the new information and continually think forward and we help organizations like yours change lives.

What does a think tank do when we find ourselves immersed in a time of uncertainty? 

We think clearly about what we know, what our data shows and what’s revealed in the patterns that can point us toward answers. We embrace the new information and think forward.

What we know without question right now is that the COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented challenges for credit unions and the communities they serve. Credit unions are an “essential service” and many have already taken swift action to adapt products and services to meet members’ new needs.

Filene’s first priority is people.

We are focusing our resources, ideas and networks to help credit unions immediately maximize their impact on members’ financial and physical well-being by prioritizing outputs to help you via our Center of Excellence that explores Consumer Financial Lives in Transition.

We have an archive of 500 research reports to support the credit union system. Our experts and Fellows have actionable guidance to share on everything from how to work better remotely to how to assess your liquidity to scale small-dollar loan programs to get members through this unforeseen economic disruption. 

We’re also listening to what you need so that we know we’re on track.

Filene’s next priority is business resiliency.

Bringing together innovative programs and networks of practitioners ready to cooperate and share ideas, we’ll help your credit union think through the right strategies and take the right actions now to thrive in a more secure future.

What you do today will set the stage for what members think of their experience and how quickly your credit union recovers. Over the coming months, we will have virtual events and curated resources on member experience, operations and talent to help you focus on the mid- to long-term work ahead of us.

We’re here for you

We are a team of believers in the work that credit unions do every day and we stand at the ready to support you. Three actionable resources for you to explore immediately include:

This time of uncertainty does not shake our focus. We think forward. We help organizations like yours change lives.

Check out the latest.
Filene is here to help credit unions support their people and build their business resiliency during the COVID-19 crisis. Filene will be releasing resources in line with what credit unions need most.
Tell us what you need.
Filene stands at the ready to get you the support and resources that would help you best serve your members and employees right now. Tell us what would be most helpful.