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A Conversation with Jean Chatzky: Engaging and Empowering Members for Long Term Growth

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Join Filene to hear a special message from Jean Chatzky, prepared especially for credit union leaders.

In this unique bonus live web session hosted by SavvyMoney's Director of Education Jean and moderated by the CEO of SavvyMoney's JB Orecchia, you’ll hear Jean's insightful perspective on how consumers are feeling about the economy, what they're looking for from credit unions, and how credit union lenders can help their members better manage their finances and borrow responsibly for the future. Drawing on behavioral finance research, Jean will share how credit unions can encourage members to save more and spend less.  She will offer her advice for getting more members in the door.  

Finally we will explore SavvyMoney, a former Filene i3 idea that provides online tools credit unions can provide to better engage members in taking charge of their financial lives.

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