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A View Into the Future of Lending

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When we ask credit unions about their annual strategic priorities, lending in some way, shape or form almost always lands on their list.  But outside the usual topic of growing loans, what else is on the horizon that will impact the future of lending? We’re picking the brains of our friends at CUNA Mutual Group and Theran Colwell, VP of B2B Planning and Business Experience, will be our guest as we explore:

  • The overall lending ecosystem and how lack of consumer confidence in borrowing will impact our industry
  • How to go beyond “easy” and make your experiences delightful and impactful to drive loyalty
  • Finding (and using!) actionable data and analytics to help drive results
  • How a culture of global innovation, digital experiences and Fintech ultimately play a role
  • How to manage risks and regulations in an ever-changing and stringent environment
  • The battle between creating strategic partnerships or making large investments to get the job done

You’ll come away with thoughts on where your credit union is excelling and where you might need to shift your focus.