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Accelerate Financial Inclusion in Your Community

New York City, NY

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Based on over 20 years of experience with the Juntos Avanzamos program and the work of organizations such as Coopera, Inclusiv and PolicyWorks, financial Institutions have the opportunity to drive financial inclusion, serve underserved markets, and operationalize ITIN Lending in a series of free workshops hosted around the U.S. in 2019.

Additionally, through a new referral partnership with Accion and Grameen America, your financial institution can build in-house capacity and grow its membership by learning how to offer small business loans to underserved entrepreneurs.

Together we can help you do more for your members and your community.

Take action today!

Get your hands dirty and learn the practical knowledge to expand your lending programs by registering to attend one of the following workshops.

More information, including how to register and frequently asked questions, can be found here.

Event Sponsor

We want to thank Visa for their generous financial support and guidance that makes these workshops possible.