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Accomplishing Multiple Goals for Credit Unions: The Latest from Larky

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When we launched Larky - a fully white-labeled mobile engagement program that actively notifies members of savings opportunities based on their location - we were responding to research that shows credit unions need to be more engaged with their members and deliver opportunities in new and relevant ways. The program has absolutely accomplished that. It's also become a valuable development tool that allows credit unions to connect with local businesses in their area. And more benefits are on the way!

In this session we'll show you: 

  • How Larky delivers opportunities to your members that increase engagement, relevancy and non-interest income
  • How the platform can enhance your business development efforts and brand awareness from case studies with credit unions already offering Larky
  • The latest and upcoming Larky features that tap into new ways to break through the clutter of email to talk to your members

You'll come away with ideas on how to provide value to your members, deliver opportunites via their preferred mobile channel, engage a new generation of members and strengthen business relationships in your community. 

Can't make this session? Check out the same webinar offered on March 9