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Beyond Borders: Improving Your Credit Union’s Mobile Capabilities in Canada with Larky

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Filene Research Institute has collaborated with Larky to bring credit unions a mobile tool that provides real value to the membership. Using geo-location technology, Larky’s mobile application alerts users when they are physically near a qualifying discount at a local merchant – so they realize an instant savings – all thanks to the credit union.  Larky's technology also makes it possible for credit unions to promote and cross sell additional products and services based on the location of the member.  Promote your auto loans to members when they are at a car lot, home equity loans when they are considering a kitchen renovation at Home Depot, or simply remind members of your credit union's sponsorship at a community event. Larky is 100% custom branded for your credit union to help extend you brand and keep membership top of mind.

After a success with credit unions across the United States, Larky is now available to Canadian credit unions.

Join us on Thursday, August 25 at 1:00pm CST to see examples of how Larky can be co-branded with your credit union to provide a unique mobile member experience.