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Beyond Engagement: Social Media Drives Business Results | Webinar

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Beyond Engagement

Filene’s QUEsocial pilot project allowed credit unions to leverage employees who use QUEsocial’s social business portal to share credit union related content, recruit new employees, and promote sales. Join us for a free webinar highlighting the QUEsocial pilot, including results and recommendations for credit unions looking to improve and leverage their social media presence and strategies.

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We'll finish the webinar with an overview of Filene's QUEsocial and Social Media Advisory solutions for credit unions.

According to one Social Media Advisory participant:

"When we evaluated partner options, Filene's Social Media Advisory solution stood out as the best choice, not only because it was grounded in research, but because we could see how they could help us move from strategy to execution. We didn't just want to create a presence. We wanted to utilize social as a strategic tool and integrate it into our broader organization-wide initiatives. The two-day onsite session was invaluable as we took a deep dive and with Filene's guidance built a social media strategy that is uniquely ours and ties to the market we serve." - Paul McAfee, Vice President, Service, North Peace Savings & Credit Union

According to QUEsocial participants:

“Being part of the QUEsocial pilot program has really helped me to more thoroughly develop our social media presence. Not only has it enabled me to share relatable and timely content with our followers, but it has also helped me become more in-tune with best practices among fellow credit unions. While I have had previous social media experience, the more familiar I became with the QUEsocial pilot program, the more confident I was that what Filene had to offer would help me better represent my credit union online. Utilizing the various components of the QUEsocial pilot, I have been able to expand my network of fellow credit union professionals and exchange both learnings and insights with them. I have without doubt seen the benefits of the QUEsocial program as our social media audience continues to grow on a regular basis.”

“We've used social media to recruit, engage our audiences, and generate leads. During the pilot we've had 3 leads develop via social media which are currently in the process of closing.”