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big. bright. minds. 2015 | Harvard

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big.bright.minds' Day Away 2015 from Filene Research on Vimeo.

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Please contact Andrea with questions and if you would like to have your name added to the waiting list.

As a special member of Filene, you are invited to join us for big. bright. minds. 2015, December 2 & 3 at Harvard University. This event represents Filene's annual gathering of "brain food, ideas & people".


Questions about the event? Contact Andrea Nilsen


History will surround us as we gather in the shadow of Edward A. Filene's hometown to experience big. bright. minds. 2015. Mr. Filene is best known for building the Filene's department store chain and  for his decisive role in pioneering credit unions across the United States. Today, we ground ourselves in Filene’s life-long commitment to making the  world better  for working Americans and their families.


We're thrilled that Filene Research Fellow, Dennis Campbell, will be our local host for the event. Dennis is currently a Professor of Business Administration at HarvardBusiness School. His research, teaching, and case writing focus on designing and integrating organizational structures, performance measurement, and incentive systems to foster empowerment, mitigate risk, and enable organizational learning and long-term value creation.

We look forward to seeing you at Harvard University in December!

Questions about the event? Contact Andrea Nilsen